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is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals, functional polymers, and novel materials in the fields of functionalized silicones, electroplating additives, die casting lubricants, UV curable printing inks and coatings, and drug intermediates. The company has its deep roots in the State of Indiana, U.S.A. starting from 1995.

The company is a customer-oriented, market-driven, and technology-advanced manufacturer with two research labs, two production plants, one flammables storage building, one chemicals storage building, five full-size truck loading docks and one office building.  Its reactor trains are from 100 gallons to 6000 gallons with either glass-lined or stainless steel construction.  It also has an array of special processing equipment, such as high shear emulsifiers, dry screw high vacuum pumps, high pressure reactors, and high temperature heating systems. Its analytical instruments, such as FTIR, HPLC, GC, High Temperature GPC, etc. ensure the high and consistent quality of its products.

Its technical staff with Ph.D., M.S. or B.S. degrees and many years of industrial experience can help you to meet the toughest challenges in the industry.         


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