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Siloxanes and Functional Silicones

Basic Siloxanes

Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4), CAS No. 556-67-2

Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5), CAS No. 541-02-6

Hexamethyl disiloxane (HMDS), CAS No. 107-46-0

Polydimethyl siloxanes (silicone fluid), CAS No. 63148-62-9 

Polymethylhydrogen siloxanes, CAS No. 9004-73-3

Methyl hydrogen silicone fluid, CAS No. 63148-57-2


Silicone Emulsions for Slip, Anti-mar and Gloss in water-based Systems:

♦ HS-3250

♦ Siltec-45

♦ Anti Stat 15

♦ Su S-201 (water dispersible for polar formulation)

♦ Su S-202 (water dispersible for less polar formulation)

♦ Su S-203 (APO free formulation)

♦ Su S-205

Silicone Surfactants for Slip, Anti-mar and Gloss in UV Curables and other solvent based Systems:

♦ Su S-28 (offset for DC-28)

♦ Su S-57 (offset for DC-57 or PA-57)

♦ Su S-65 (offset for DC-65)

♦ Su S-68 

♦ Su S-77 (offset for OSI-77)

♦ Su S-101 

♦ Su S-190 (offset for DC-190)

♦ Su S-191 (offset for ML5-191) 

♦ Su S-193 (offset for DC-193)

♦ Su S-197 (offset for DC-197)


Silicone Defoamers

♦ FoamTec 308

♦ AntiFoam 690

♦ AntiFoam 900

♦ Su S-301 (solvent based defoamer)

♦ Su S-302 (solvent based defoamer)

♦ Su S-303 (solvent based defoamer)

♦ Su S-401 (water based defoamer)

♦ Su S-601 (solvent based antistat)

♦ Su S-668 (solvent based antistat, less polar)


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