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Die Casting Lubricants

We have been providing high quality Die Casting Lubricants, and anti-solder paste for the die casting industry for more than 10 years.  Our products include:

WH-100 Series        Anti-Solder Pastes (Chem-Trend Metalstar ASW-101 equivalent) 

D-100 Series           Low residue synthetic die casting lubricants

D-200 Series           High performance die casting lubricants

D-300 Series           Low iron stucture components die lubricants

D-400 Series           Specialty die lubricants, squeeze, high temperature, etc.

D-500 Series           Silicone free die casting lubricants

E-100 Series           Die casting silicone emulsions

S-500 Series           Silicone release oils (Wacker TN or DC-204 equivalent)

F-100 Series           Wax or oil emulsions for die casting lubricant formulators.

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